Articles and Reviews

Book Review: Collection of excerpts from four reviews by Geoffrey Wolfe, Max Steele, Alice Walker, and James A. McPherson, in Xerox Education Publications, 1972.

Book Review: Panton, George. “Looking Back in England and U.S.A.” [unknown publication and date]
Book Review: [No Author] “Southern Cross.” Times Literary Supplement, 16 March 1973, p. 303.
Book Review: WMF. “A New Name Among Negro Novelists.” [unknown publication and date]. WMF writes that Gaines may soon be the best Black writer in America, ahead of James Baldwin.

Letter of endorsement for The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman from Walter D. Edmonds, a well known American writer of historical novels, including Drums Along the Mohawk. Letter includes an unsigned handwritten note of encouragement by an unknown person.
Book Review: “A Selection of the Year’s Best Books.” Time, 03 January 1972, p. 69.
Book Review: Maddocks, Melvin. “Root and Branch.” Time, 10 May 1971, n.p. A stellar review of The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman written by Melvin Maddocks, an American author and journalist.
Book Review: Greenfeld, Josh. “Miss Jane’s Long Freedom Ride.” Life, 30 April 1971, n.p. A highly favorable review of The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman written by Josh Greenfeld, an American author and screenwriter.
Book Review: Cooke, Jack. “The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman by Ernest Gaines.” Jazz Monthly, July 1973, p. 18. Unique book review relating The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman to the evolution of jazz music upon the release of the novel in England.
Book Review: MacGregor, Miriam. “Old Negro Woman Looks Back.” Hawkes Bay Herald Tribune, 6 February 1973, n.p.
Book Review: French, Earl A. “Teacher’s Notes: Miss Jane Pittman.” pp. 7-8. [unknown publication and date]