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The = Feinstein College=20 of Arts and Sciences Presents
A Celebration of the 50th = Anniversary of On=20 the Road by Jack Kerouac

The seventh annual Professor John = Howard Birss,=20 Jr. Memorial Library Exhibition will celebrate the 50th = anniversary=20 of Jack Kerouac's On the = Road. The=20 University Library display cases will feature original = materials and=20 facsimiles from the special library collections of Brown = University=20 as well as Columbia University where Kerouac was an = undergraduate.=20 Additional display items will highlight Kerouac's friends = and=20 colleagues from the Beat Generation of writers, particularly = Allen=20 Ginsberg and William Burroughs. The exhibit will be open to = the=20 public from February 1 through March 15 during regular Library = hours. For=20 further information, contact Christine Fagan of the RWU = Library at=20 254-3029 or cfagan@rwu.edu.

The 7th Annual Professor John Howard = Birss, Jr.=20 Memorial Lecture

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Feb. 1 =E2=80=93 April 30, 2007

Prepared by Professor Christine Fagan
Collection=20 Development/Acquisitions Librarian
Roger Williams = University

Sponsored by the John Howard = Birss, Jr.=20 Memorial Library Fund

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